"I have been plagued by nasty migraine headaches for all of my 71 years. That is, until Dr. Paige performed his magic in the form of acupuncture. I have had no migraines for 7 months which is my lifelong record, thanks to him. I am amazed, as initially I was completely skeptical. After the first headache free weeks rolled by, I figured it was due to a placebo effect. But, I was wrong. This was the real deal! I can't thank him enough. And to top it off, he is a good guy."

- Scott Y.

"Serendipity brought me to Doug Paige as a last ditch effort to find
some relief for headaches that were painful every waking moment. His treatments helped in many ways - in the short term, the pain reduction was almost immediate and for the long term, he counseled me about changes in habits that might help to avoid a reoccurrence. Having experienced acupuncture with many practitioners in the past, I can say with certainty that his touch and his manner absolutely contributed to my recovery. My plan is to continue to have treatments with Doug that will sustain wellness even though I am now pain free because of him!"

- W. Blumm

"Dr. Paige,

I wanted to thank you for getting me in for my back issue this
morning. I have to say that I am in complete amazement at how much better I felt from the instant I left your office. I never in a million years expected such a quick response from the Acupuncture I received today, but I must tell you that as soon as I left your office I went back to work at my Quarry, when I exited my truck and climbed up on my excavator I sat in the seat and as I waited for the machine to warm up I realized that I just walked from my truck and climbed on the machine without any pain in my back at all. I really was waiting for the shoe to drop and feel jolting pains in my back but it just didn’t happen. 30 minutes later I received a phone call to go pick up some equipment that was about a two hour ride away from work, I thought surely that would definitely ignite my back pain again as I have not been able to sit in my truck for more than 10 minutes for the past 4 days. I drove for 4 hours and just got home and ran up the stairs and burst through the door screaming “I’m Cured!!”

I cannot thank you enough for helping me today. Your knowledge and professionalism goes far beyond most doctors I have ever seen in the past and even though I was skeptical about Acupuncture I must say that after fixing my knee problems last year and fixing my back today I am not only a firm believer in the practice , but I am also a firm believer in the person that administered it to me. Thank you Dr. Douglas Paige for helping me to be pain free again and for you wonderful gift of knowledge and skill that has thoroughly impressed me. I will definitely be passing the word about you and your wonderful practice.

Sincerely thanking you,"

- Paul Labas

"Thank you so much for taking care of me today. What a life-changer! I feel so much better and have a new regard for why things may go awry and how they might well be mended. The dog and I took a 30 minute walk - no pain. Woo hoo! See you in a week, and I'll get some tennis balls tomorrow."


- Lesley

"Suffering from a crippling pain in my right leg and hip area, and upon the recommendation of a friend I visited Dr. Doug Paige to see whether I could obtain relief. After a careful examination for cause Dr. Paige determined that it was a problem with my sciatic nerve, and proceeded with immediate treatment. After about an hour of manipulation and massage of the affected area most of the pain had subsided, and with exercises advised and a subsequent visit all of the pain disappeared. Dr. Paige cautioned that a potential return of the problem existed, and that I should keep to the exercise regimen with visits to him as desired. Indeed, I had experienced this pain, but not nearly so severe, in the previous year, so I take his caution seriously. I am grateful for his professional help, and I certainly would recommend him to others."

 - Austin C.

"My lower back problem came on suddenly and I spent a weekend sitting cross-legged on the floor unable to find another position that was bearable. On Monday, Dr. Paige and I discussed the benefits of chiropractic versus acupuncture care, and after a 30- minute review of my health history and exercise routine we decided on a chiropractic adjustment. Before making those adjustments, Dr. Paige spent another 30 minutes working out the tension and muscle spasms in my neck and back. I repeated this treatment first twice a week for two weeks, and then once a week for two weeks. I am happy to say that I have not had any further complaints from by back. I would happily recommend Dr. Paige not only for those with sudden onset problems, but for those with chronic ailments that need on-going treatments to control their discomfort."

 - Maureen C.

"I was in town for a quick couple of days skiing when I strained my lower back. Was tough to move and having a 4 hour drive home the next day, thought I would see if I might get some relief with a visit to a local chiropractor. Dr. Paige was able to see me within 15 minutes of my call. I found him to be caring, knowledgeable and readily willing to assist. He spent a good 30-40 minutes with me on the evaluation, chiropractic adjustment and discussing some follow up stretches/ exercises. He knew I was on vacation and wasn't necessarily going to be back anytime soon yet he treated me like a regular. His pricing was also very reasonable! Having seen many chiropractors over the years, Id have to say Dr. Paige was one of the best.. I highly recommend Paige Chiropractic....I just wish he was closer to Boston!"

 - Ray T.

"I am so happy to have met you . All the years of pain and with your support and acupuncture I can do things I haven't been able to in so many years . I don't like pain meds and can't understand why our society will pay for drugs and surgery and not consider acupuncture as a alternative method . I am proof it works. I see several Drs., have seen many for surgery and they encourage me to continue with the acupuncture as even they can't guarantee I will be in less pain. As you know I have fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, asthma, and then some. I have already had 7 surgeries and won't even consider another one unless it were to be life threatening. Thanks so much for your help and support."


 - Debbie S.

"I never had acupuncture before meeting Dr. Paige. He made the entire experience easy. He instantly alleviated all anxiety by his calm nature and method of explaining his actions. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up going to see him for weekly chiropractic and acupuncture visits for my entire summer in Vermont! Not only did Dr. Paige fix the pain in my back and shoulder, but he also reduced my stress level, taught me stretching/breathing techniques, and gave nutritional pointers. I highly recommend Dr. Paige to everyone!!!"

 - Brett W.

"I became a patient of Doug Paige's this summer in Manchester. I was absolutely HOOKED by his insight and gentle caring manner. His explanations and suggestions were just what I needed at the time….and I really needed help. After just one session I felt so much better and signed up for a whole series of treatments with him. I believe it made a SIGNIFICANT difference in both my body and my mindset….something that was sorely needed!!!! I am looking forward to next summer when I will once again go under the needles with Doug. He is the best."

 - Jean L.

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